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Picture Lock, LEF and IFFB Award

We have three exciting updates to share with you! First, the Best and Most Beautiful Things team is excited to announce that we have officially reached “picture lock,” meaning the final cut of our film is now complete and (whole-heartedly!) approved. This is a big milestone in the post-production process. But our work isn’t done. Our next steps include original music, color and sound mix – the final crucial elements that will make our film “sing”! We are on target to complete the film for a World Premiere in 2016.

Two other major updates we wanted to share:

  • We recently won the 2015 Works In Progress Award from Independent Film Festival Boston and UMB Film Series. Thank you everyone for the support and good wishes!
  • We have been awarded a Spring 2015 Moving Image Fund Grant from the prestigious LEF Foundation, this time to help support our post-production work! We are continually energized by how Michelle’s story resonates with so many and are proud to be among the many prestigious projects supported by this organization.

We continue to work hard every day to raise awareness and funds for the completion, promotion and community outreach around BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Tax-deductible donations are always welcome (click to make a donation) to help with the critical next steps that will make-or-break the launch and impact of our film and its powerful messages around self-discovery, empowerment and love.

Thank you, as always, for your passion and your support. We’re almost there!

Your friends,

Garrett and the Best and Most Beautiful team