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LEF Moving Image Fund Grant & Fundraising Party

We want to share some fantastic news! We are incredibly honored and thrilled to announce that we received the very competitive 2014 Moving Image Fund production grant from the prestigious LEF Foundation! The LEF Foundation “champions work that is provocative, heartfelt, and challenging in style and substance.”

Check out the official grant announcement here, along with some of the other amazing films we are honored to keep company with: LEF MOVING IMAGE FUND GRANT ANNOUNCEMENT.

Also, our Fundraiser event at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge Tuesday night was fantastic! Thank you to every one who attended donated and/or made a contribution or gave us a hug. You helped make the night one we will never forget! A very special thank you to Sarah Mabry of the Charles Hotel who was instrumental in making this event such a tremendous success – we are so grateful!


The joint was bubbling over with love and goodwill and everyone was smitten with Michelle as she sang two beautiful songs and a well-known Disney encore in which many joined in for the chorus!

This vital support means the world to us, and we celebrate with the amazing encouragement and help of all the film’s friends and fans! Onward!

Warm regards,
Garrett and the team

P.S. If you or someone you know wasn’t able to make the party, but are feeling inspired you can always make a (MUCH APPRECIATED) tax-deductible donation to our film through our fiscal sponsor: CLICK HERE TO DONATE.