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Kickstarter Success!

WE DID IT!!!!! Our Kickstarter campaign has been successful with $23,157 raised and 314 backers. Our cup runneth over. THANK YOU!

Please know this is only the beginning. We want you to be a part of this journey and this community that we have built together, so we can keep you informed, include you in local screenings and offer nourishment for the soul.

You can join us on Facebook if you haven’t already, or if you didn’t get a chance to donate, and would like to do so, all future contributions, which are tax deductible, can be made through Filmmakers Collaborative and will go toward the completion of the film.

A very special thanks to all of our backers:

Wyleyj, Fernando J. Llorente, Elizabeth Nirenberg, Lilly, Rick Beyer, Melissa Graham Salem, Mary Gallaudet, Caroline Reinsch, Keith Millspaugh, Sarah Flynn, Liz Weaver, Kari Fillmore, Heather Candels, Brian Dye, Alice Williams, Traci Connor, David Tremblay, David John McCaffery, Anela Selkowitz, Sunlit Bridge, Tracey Ellen Lyons, Alexandra, Kelley Lane, Erica Funkhouser, Jan Roberts-Breslin, Jill Heidrick, Catherine R. McShane, Ryan Andrew Rafols, Wendy Sawyer, Liz Sawyer, Ron LaFreniere, Jessica Wenig, Judith Vecchione, James Carroll, Leanne Grant, Shannon Fowler, Kalyn Lambert, Alexis Orellana, Scott Allen, Rick Salvatoriello, John Martel, Rachel Perry, Robert Redfern, Anna C Carella, Barbara Van Dyke, Timothy J. Arruda, Marie Price, Adam Luchjenbroers, Brodhi Valjean McClure, Jay Dobek, Colin, Pamela Curewitz, K. Kimble, Jane C. Callachan, Patrick Heskett, Maureen Linnane, Christy George, Kevin, Desa, Marie Mandarino, Emily Graves, Joanne Shelton, Vinchenzo Salvatoriello, Alan, Yasuhiro Miyake, Peter K, Rebeca Kritsch and Kelly Grey!

Thank you so much!